20th year of being Arashi

Today marks Arashi's 20th year anniversary! I want to say congrats and thank you to them.

I met them in 2014 iirc, I borrowed my older sister's hard drive to copy anime and Japanese dramas but I also copied the folder dedicated to Arashi in the computer. It includes their variety shows and concerts. I don't regret it one bit.

They became my happy pill, Arashi did. Of course, I finished all the videos in the folder but it was not enough. I discovered livejournal, I'm really thankful for this platforms. For the fansubbers, the uploaders, the moderators in LJ, thank you. You have my deepest gratitude. Thank you, I really mean it.

In the first few years of watching Arashi, I was hiding it because I was embarassed because it's like I'm copying my sister. Eventually, my brothers found out, my mother found out and my sister too and it didn't really matter anymore. My efforts to hide it were in vain but it was a fun memory.

Arashi... They are really wonderful people and a wonderful group. I like how they are true and not the perfect people, I do believe they are a perfect group. They made me laugh, they made me cry, they made me smile. Just hearing their music played in Daiso in PH a week ago, my day was instanstly 200% better.

There's the news about they are going to have 50 shows for their 20th anniversary, I can see how much they love their fans. They have many variety shows, one of them is a newcaster and there are also the dramas but from 18 shows to 50 shows? That's just icredible. Then, I learned about their hiatus, I was devastated. I know they deserve the rest and they should do whatever they want to do but I'll miss them. From this announcement, I saw how considerate they are. They can say the announcement after their 20th year anniversary or one month before the hiatus, but they chose not to. Just for us. They want to stay as a five-member group and they did. If Leader leaves, I also don't think Arashi will be Arashi anymore. Five is their and our treasure number. They considered this decision for two years, it was not a rush decision, they thought it really thoroughly and I think this is also the best decision.

Arashi, they suffered a setback in their early years but is now an icon in Japan. They suffered but conquered in the end.

Thank you, I love you, and I'll wait for you to comeback. There's still more than a year before your hiatus too. Congratulations for the 20 years you have been declared as Arashi, truly a storm that changed Japan! Five different personalities but truly a perfect with each other creating the best group. Talent, Kindness and Understanding, I believe these are the reason for your success. it was not an easy journey but all the hardships were worth it. Let's continue to define what Arashi is!